Jossy Steindar

Offworld Smuggler and All Around Bad Dude


Jossy Steindar was born on the first seed ship sent through the nexus that lead to New Eden. Born into indentured servitude on the low deck of the Nostromo, his future was extremely bleak. After the Lowlies Revolt of 2318 A.D., Jossy fled the Nostromo in an escape pod, landing on the planet below. He quickly established a working relationship with the D-Bees slaver, Cidid Juraez. Using his black market connections, Jossy made his way back to New Chitown with a large number of freed slaves. Jossy has very few redeemable qualities, but his staunch determination to eradicate slavery has be the driving force behind his criminal behavior.

Utilize Jossy, but do not underestimated his calculated nature. He could sell a shit popsicle to a woman with white gloves, and would rob a baby of his last bottle if the end result benefited him.

Jossy Steindar

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